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Klipr pricing plans are scaled by the coverage you track - not your number of employees - to better fit the way you use the tool.

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Free Plan

Want to try out Klipr's reporting functions and find out how much time you can save? The Free plan allows you to track up to 5 campaigns.



The best coverage tracker for freelancers or very small teams - new URL allowances are based on an estimated 1-2 monthly campaigns.



Aimed at small or average-sized teams, this plan is perfect for handling 3-20 monthly campaigns.

Most Popular


This option is best for agencies who pull in more coverage or who run between 20-50 campaigns each month.


*All prices shown exclude VAT (20%)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I measure the SEO impact of my campaigns?

    Klipr automatically collects coverage, monitors relevant SEO statistics, and uses a unique calculation method based on keyword visibility to identify how a given campaign has contributed to your site's SEO portfolio.

  • How can I track PR campaign results?

    As well as tracking backlinks and coverage, Klipr allows you to select the stats that matter to you. You can find anchor text of backlinks, check the Ahrefs domain rating of a page, and monitor social shares - or you can keep your view simple and just look at how much coverage there is.

  • How can I get a competitor analysis with Klipr?

    Klipr monitors campaign landing pages to find all coverage - but you can set it to watch campaigns on any site, and you can analyse the progress of competitors as well as your own and those of your clients.

  • How can I share my reports with my clients?

    Klipr has a built-in system that allows you to share read-only access with anyone. Use the link from the Company page to send your client a login screen, and they'll be able to see all the campaigns you're currently running - as well as view a visual report with press clippings, top coverage and top-line statistics.