Klipr Speaks!

We don’t just provide a time-saving, frustration-cancelling, efficiency-boosting link tracking tool. Klipr also provides insights into the PR industry, analysis of media publications, and data on how to get more links in your coverage.

With that in mind, you can come hear a live talk at Search London on 4th March, where Klipr Product Manager Robin Langfield Newnham will be speaking on “Why Marketers Can’t Tell Stories”. Find out things like:

  • The two facets of an engaging story and how those relate to popular media
  • How headlines including “how” crop up for a minimum of 11% of finance content pieces and 6% of travel – and why “who” can be the better option
  • How to hit your audience’s buttons, but also use their needs to build a successful content piece
  • Why politics is like sports and how you can connect your story to the same emotional drives – using teams and existing emotional investment

Tickets can be found on Eventbrite and more details on the Meetup page.