Hello world!

We’re very pleased to announce that, as of 30th October 2019, Klipr is now available for subscription.

Klipr cuts down the time your PR team spends looking through the internet to find coverage by automatically finding, organising, and analysing all backlinks and mentions for your campaigns.

Klipr works in three basic steps:

  1. Add your team, clients, and competitors to Klipr, and add campaigns to these groups, including the URL and any keywords associated with the project.
  2. Klipr does the hard work by monitoring the web for backlinks and coverage, and automatically identifying what type of coverage it is, including follow link, nofollow, mention, and the new UGC and sponsored types. You can also manually add links you want to include in your report, and Klipr will pull all the relevant details for them as well, including domain rating, social shares, and anchor text – and we’re currently working on adding integration for other tools your team may already use, like Moz and Majestic.
  3. Share your report with the relevant client or team. You can provide them with a link that lets them view their specific campaign group in a detailed view, and you can generate a “lookbook”, which automatically pulls screenshots of the top coverage as well as publications logos and top-line details for a more intuitive display.

You can find out more and get started with Klipr at https://wp.klipr.io/pricing/, or contact us for a free demo.