Klipr January 2020 Updates

The latest round of Klipr updates is here! The full changelog can be viewed on Google Docs, but we wanted to run through some of our biggest improvements, and some ideas for where we’re heading soon.

Big Updates

Campaigns now search for existing backlinks upon creation 

Before now, Klipr ran on a clock – searching for new coverage first thing in the morning and then again in the middle of the afternoon. But we know that not everyone sets up their Dashboard before starting their campaigns.

To make reports more instant, Klipr now looks for links immediately when a new campaign is created – so you don’t need to wait a while to see what coverage you’ve got.

Campaigns now search for new links every hour between 7am-8pm GMT

Like searching for coverage on campaign start, we realised that the Dashboard wasn’t as quick as some of you PR experts. To make sure Klipr is operating at the same rate you are, we’ve increased the number of times the Dashboard runs per day – so it’ll now look for new coverage every hour, on the hour, between 7am and 8pm.

Next Steps

Google Analytics

Something we’ve been working on for a while is nearly here – GA access. You’ll be able to link up any GA accounts to the Klipr service; or, for clients, you can send an email requesting they link in for you.

Google Analytics will add in additional metric data like referral traffic for all your backlinks on campaigns where you have access, and soon after, we’ll be rolling out further integration that allows the Dashboard to use GA to find even more coverage, even faster.

More PR tools

One of the most important things to Klipr users is the “prospecting” stage of PR, where you want to build a list of contacts for your next campaign. We’re working on the foundations of a whole new part to the Klipr suite – a set of PR prospecting tools and resources that’ll help you find journalists in your topic areas, writing about your clients or campaigns, and build your contact lists quickly and painlessly.


If you have any feedback on the Klipr tool or have any ideas about what’s important to you in the suite, don’t hesitate to get in touch at contact@klipr.io.